Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 28 (finally!)

Today we went to the base with a reactivating member who all the missionaries (except us) work with a lot. He took us bowling and got us lunch. It was pretty sweet. He is a nice guy and loves the missionaries. Plus he's just a bachelor in the military, so he likes to do whatever he can for missionaries too. My dad asked if everyone on base looks like Tom Cruise. Hahahaha. The base is pretty quiet right now because they don’t have any training groups in, but apparently one is coming next month. They will bring about 1000 people for the training group and staff, so Fallon will get busier. It’s a pretty nice base. Lots of dormitories all named after towns in Nevada. It really puts into perspective how few cities Nevada has, when you look and some of the names on buildings are "Elko" and "Hawthorne."

We did have some good lessons with less active members of the Church this week. It was cool that Nabor, who I worked with in Yerington made it to church this week, which might be a little attributed to the work we are doing with one member here who is his friend, who works in Yerington. I got to talk to Nabor for a while about how his life is going and everything. It was pretty cool.

My dad asked how we work with A lot of the time we just either work on our profiles or look for good videos to show people, but that’s kind of hard when the computers can’t play them...hahha. Besides, most people we tract into don't have computers, so that doesn't really help either, haha. It’s more of an English area thing, but it’s still important. It makes it easier for people to share the gospel. The truly coolest part about is that if somebody has a certain issue, they (or the missionaries who are teaching them) can search for that issue on and find somebody who had an extremely similar circumstance and overcame it.