Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 21

MY BROTHER IS FAMOUS!?!? (Follow the link on this apparently very famous blog.) Hahaha, at least in an extremely nerdy way. I love it! That is sooooo funny. Absolutely fantastic. That was such a good call and apparently one that nobody had never actually really thought of before.

We had a pretty busy week again. Thursday, Fernley. Friday, Reno. Saturday, Hawthorne. You would think I’m a ZL (zone leader – over 12-24 missionaries) from the travel I’ve been doing. We had to go to Fernley for some appts as usual on Thursday, though we only ended up getting one in. It was pretty good. We met with Diana and her sister. Diana and Brittany committed to pray about what we've been teaching, so that was good. Then on Friday, we finally got permission to go to Reno to get our car fixed, so we drove up there and got that done. While we were waiting we went to lunch at a nice restaurant where missionaries eat free and then I went out with elder Martin (old AP who Sarah has met) and his greenie. That was weird because they do English work and English people just aren't as nice. We still had a decent time though and I got to see a couple other elders I haven't seen for a little bit, so it was a good time. After we got our car back we went by Ross and I got a new tie for like $6. It is sooo sweet. I’ve already had several offers including 3 skinny ties just for the one. I think I’ll hold on to it for a little longer, but the 3 skinnies is tempting. Finally, on Saturday we went down to Hawthorne for the baptism of one of Elder Bowe's old investigators there. She had asked him to give the talk on the Holy Ghost so we went on down and he did a good job. After wards she took us out to eat, but we weren't very hungry because this lady there named sister Nunnelli had already fed us this HUGE Chinese meal. It was all super good though and I finished everything. I can eat so much again. hahaha. I’m like training for an eating competition the way I get fed sometimes. This area is actually extremely famous in the mission for some of the best food you can get. Fallon SpanAms have one of the most generous branches/wards in Nevada, and they all make really good food. We had amazing Chiles Rellenos a couple days ago at a less actives house. They were so good and the rice was cooked perfectly to compliment them. Oh my goodness. I was so full just because I didn't want to stop eating.

It was a pretty fun week and I’m really happy that we are both staying here this transfer. One of our roommates is going ZL so his companion is staying which will end up putting him at 7.5 months in this area. Loooong time. Though not as long as Elder Feldmen (one of my MTC comps) will have been in his area. He hasn’t even moved yet. He has been in Reno for over 7 already and is working on almost 9 by the end of this transfer. Ridiculous.