Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Last week was a weird week. Elder Bowe got sick, I pulled out my back again, and we only had one lesson the entire 3 days we went to Fernley. Plus we are both just getting super tired. We did teach the Ugaldes (parents of the family we had dinner with last night – see below – and grandparents of the ultra smart 5 yr old girl...wife member, husband not). It was good. Hermano Ugalde has a lot of questions and doesn't really believe much about the church, but his wife is persistent. We are making progress there.

This week, started off pretty well. We had a great dinner with the Ugalde family last night. It was a super good dinner though and we helped them work through some stuff going on in their lives that has been really hard. Then we went over to a member’s house who asked us to drop by and we found out that he was holding a combined family home evening with another member family...which was super cool because this guy used to be kind of pretty far off the path. So, that was a really good night over all.

On Monday, P-day, we boxed with Hermano Quiros. That was fun. We learned form and worked hard. Then we went and played kickball with the other elders, the sisters, and a bunch of members (mostly the sister’s converts; they've had a baptism almost every weekend since I've been here). That was pretty fun too. While we were there I practiced my Frolf throws with a couple discs elder Bowe had from when he was playing a lot in Tahoe. Oh, we also cleaned and rearranged the apt. It was a way solid day. Library was closed so we couldn't do email, so that gave us a little more time.