Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today in Las Vegas

Well, it’s been an interesting week. Covering both areas in the Flamingo Ward was insane. We had basically zero time that wasn’t scheduled out and had lessons until 9:30 every night. I am so tired right now, and actually very sore (we went on a run for the first time in a long time yesterday, so my legs hurt, my knees aren’t doing great, and my back is killing me and is very close to completely going out, haha). Today, though, Elder Andrews and I both have new companions, so we’re back to our usual areas! Yeaaa! I’m with Elder Kakau, who was in the Fallon zone with me for a while. We know each other pretty well. He’s a solid missionary and a chill guy, so we're excited. He is actually full Tongan too. He lived in Utah for a couple years before the mission, but that’s it. The rest of his life he was in Tonga. So we speaks perfect Tongan and English and is getting better and better at Spanish, which is pretty sweet. We are excited to serve together.

Well this last week our main focus was on Elder Andrews' area because he has a baptism this weekend and next weekend, so we were focusing on them pretty strongly, but of course also doing other stuff. We got them prepared though, and now they are pretty good to go. We should be able to get a few investigators from my area to those baptisms this weekend, which I think will be a huge help. Oh ya, we have been working just a tiny bit with a friend of our recent converts named Crisia, but she is always in and out of town, so we never had a real strong opportunity to teach her. Well, we gave her a Book of Mormon and on her last trip out of town she read a little bit from it almost every night before she went to sleep. Then she came back and we taught part of lesson one and had her watch the restoration with our recent converts, and a few days ago we got a text saying she wants to be baptized! She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. She said she felt such a strong feeling that she described as nervous and excited but more so indescribable; it was so cool. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem. She leaves again on Thursday for Belize for a week (for an international beauty pageant, haha, she is actually Miss Costa Rica...seriously, ya) and won’t be able to go to church, and then comes back for a week where she will be able to go, but then leaves again, so she won’t be able to get to church 3 times. She wants to be baptized so badly, but she just can't until she meets the requirements. Really this has worked exactly as member missionary work should. We just met her from visiting our recent converts, and then they talked to her about some stuff, and then we gave a Book of Mormon, they talked to her about more stuff, and then encouraged her to follow her feelings, and we are now teaching in their home. If we could get all members to work like this we would have tons of people joining the church here. This family is on fire though. I think Ive mentioned them before...Jonythan and Andriette. They told us that they are going to get every Costa Rican who ever goes to their house to get baptized, hahah! They are great and really want to share the things that have helped them out so much. Its great to have them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 18, 2011

Not much this week. I switched companions temporarily; I'm with Elder Andrews, who was with me in the Missionary Training Center. We're handling both areas in the Florida Ward, so there is a lot to do. The photo, taken last week, has (from your left): Elder Andrews, me, Elder Peters, Elder Zegarra (my old comp - I'll miss him!), and Elder Altamarion.

Meanwhile, check out one of my favorite videos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11: Happy Birthday to me!

Well, I’m 21!!! and in Vegas, hahaha! Pues, what do people do when they turn 21? In Vegas, hit the Strip. Toss a few bucks into roulette or blackjack. Maybe hit a 21 and over club to finish out the night...oh the feeling of showing the bouncer that you actually are 21, how nice. That’s an interesting list considering I will be doing absolutely none of it. Even off my mission I wouldn’t do any of it...well maybe get into the club just to say I did, but I mean, I don’t drink, gambling is kind of just a ridiculous waste of money, and the Strip isn't that fantastic in the end. At some point I guess we all realize that there are more important things in life. At times like this I like to think about what on earth I’m doing in Nevada for 2 years. I think about it for about two seconds and then realize that I’m doing some of the most important work of my life. Why would I want to have a crazy 21st? The craziness would last a night and the next day would suck. What I’m doing instead is enjoying life, making it better every day if I can. I get to have some true joy in my life because I get to see other people changing theirs. The reversal from misery to happiness is fantastic but it’s even better to see the change from happiness to having a feeling of fulfillment in life and expanding joy. That’s pretty sweet. A solid way to spend a 21st I would say. Of course I’ll still hang out with my friends here, but I will be back to work tomorrow...without a hangover or regrets. Life’s solid. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I’ve gotten (mom and dad sent me the posts so far from Facebook)! Much love for everyone reading my blog.