Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb. 22: Good-bye Carson City!

I never made it back to Tahoe, unfortunately. Finished out the week in Carson and then packed and headed to Vegas. It’s been crazy transitioning for the last time, but it’s good to be here Vegas again. Things are really moving pretty well in this area, so its fun. I’m working in the Fourth Ward – the biggest Spanish ward in Vegas, so pretty big. I’m still getting to know our investigators obviously, but little by little!

My companion is Elder Corvalan, from Utah (originally from Argentina. His mom is actually from C√≥rdoba, where my dad served as a missionary). Super cool guy, very excited to serve with him. We're already having a great time. He’s been on his mission one transfer longer than I have.

I'm not far from the mission office, so send those packages, cards, and letters to the address on my blog and I’ll get them promptly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb. 13

This week it tried to snow, but didn’t really succeed. We worked in all three areas.

In Tahoe we found a couple new less active people that the ward had asked us to check out and had nice visits with them one Thursday and Friday. We also wanted to start teaching the couple in Tahoe who was been coming to church for over a month (nobody told us about them until after they’d come 5 times!) but the activity Friday night was canceled and then we haven’t made it back there yet.

In Gardnerville, we got the phone number for our solid investigator there, which is huge (she didn’t have a phone before) because now we can call ahead and not waste time and miles!

And we actually got pretty solid lessons with two of the investigators we are really striving to work with here in Carson. They are extremely difficult to catch, but always tell us how much they want us to teach them and everything. The one is Jorge and his family who we were able to teach this week a little about the plan of salvation. We also finished teaching Elsa about the plan of salvation too and she is just constantly blown away by the things we teach her, which is fun. The big problem right now is getting them to church on Sundays.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb. 6

We had Zone conference this week combined with Fallon Zone. It was pretty fun. It was the first conference/training not on fundamentals of Preach My Gospel that we have had in a very long time, so it was nice to have the change up. We talked about finding, which we need, so it worked out great! I’m still learning how to work through the members effectively with no ward, but I’m getting the hang of it a little bit. We are starting to see results, which is good.

On P-Day, overlooking the Carson Valley.

We had our best investigator in GVille go to church, which was great. That’s three now for her, but she still has to get married before she can get baptized, so we're still working on a date with her.

We got to teach Elsa this week, which was great! She loves learning about the gospel, but her time is very limited right now due to her job. Hopefully this week things will calm down a little bit. She has already told us that she wants to have her sister join us for the lessons and that she is going to try to get two of her brothers to go to church with her! If her work calms down she will be such a great member! She said yes to a baptismal commitment, but won’t put a date until she feels that she has received an answer, which is great with us. We'll be meeting with her again this week to see how she’s doing and teach her more! We are excited for her. Hopefully it all works out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jan. 30

Weeeeeeell, so a lot of the week wasn’t great... I’m totally fine now, but I just got a bad cold, the flu, and an ear infection this week. Went to the doctor and got meds, but had some of the longest most boring several days of my life while recovering.

I sent my comp with Elder Ah Mu to Tahoe Sunday. We were supposed to go up for the weekend, but I couldn’t do it. Then Sunday we were supposed to talk, but my throat wouldn’t really allow that and I wouldn’t have been able to stand the elevation climb with this stupid ear infection, so Elder Ah Mu bore his testimony and Elder Baker talked, so it worked out.

Right before I got sick we also got to go to Gardnerville and teach Lorena the first half of the plan of salvation, which was great. She really gets it. She’s such a great person! I don’t think I did a very great job teaching though cuz I was already feeling sick and thinking kinda slow. Unfortunately nobody has gone to church at all the last 2 weeks mostly because a kinda harsh flu has been spreading like craaaazy all over town and everybody’s kids are getting it one by one followed by them getting it. Everyone is sick right now in Carson, haha.

Now, best part of the week? Before I got sick...We finally got to teach Jorge and his family the first lesson! It went great! Jorge and his wife, Mari, really like the church and want to learn more and more, but, unfortunately, they don’t do appointments and they didn’t come to church...again. We have to help them understand the importance of commitments, but we'll also just have to stop by for appointments and when they can they'll let us in and have us start teaching like they did this week. That was a really exciting lesson though. Its nice to have a whole family interested in the message.

Anyway, we taught like 8 discussions. I wasn’t there for all of them, which was good for Elder Baker because he got to take lead for a few!

Meanwhile, I hope my friends at home are looking forward to the chance to visit a temple.