Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 7, 2011

This week was kind of crazy. I went on splits one day with one of the English-speaking elders and we went to Gabbs (middle of nowhere) to do some work. That was interesting. Talk about isolation. Its 1 hour 30 mins from Fallon and it’s the first "city" you get to, or first anything for that matter. With Elder Bowe, however, we found 2 new families in Fernley. I think one of the families has decent odds of praying, and that’s really all we can ask for. The other family are old investigators from about 2 years ago when Fernley had their own SpanAms. They are pretty cool and should be watching The Restoration this weekend. We have an appt. Tuesday with them. Most of the week was less active work. We had some really good lessons though. We mostly read from the Book of Mormon on visits and tell the people that being offended is not an excuse to not go to church. Apparently it’s working out, because at church this Sunday we had......around 50 people!!! That was great. We also had very few visitors and 2 branch prez members were sick and not there, so yes, that means we had a lot of less actives there! That was pretty fun. There were some good lessons too. Plus it was Fast Sunday which is like the lowest attended Sunday usually. Pretty chill. We did have a few investigators there too, though, they are only kind of ours. We are kind of sharing them with the sisters right now because the daughter likes English better and would rather talk to girls. So we haven't taught them very much ourselves. They talk a lot, haha. It was still good though.

Today we played racquetball and wallyball with people from Yerington and all of the missionaries. It was a good time. Wallyball always gets good. We had a really good time.