Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mission week of 7-29-10

Ben answered the following questions this week:
How were things this week?
It was an ok week. At times really long, at times pretty quick. I was lazier than I should have been this week, but it’s hard to find some stuff to do sometimes when you don’t go over any Spanish in class that you don’t know. That makes things go really slow. Other than that though, still learning good things. I had a couple hours where I felt sooo good about speaking Spanish. It’s all fun though. Spanish is coming well overall. I just need to talk more. I think some people can finally understand me. That’s way nice, but we've been slacking a bit.
What are you doing for exercise? I play soccer everyday and run on my day off. Also pullups at night. I run around the fields about 3 miles.
Say Hi to everyone for me! Tell them to write to me! I love letters!