Monday, July 26, 2010

July 22

Well this week was not particularly new until yesterday. We learned lots of Spanish and stuff. Here’s my exact Monday schedule.
Wake up at 6:20, get ready
Personal Study---7:00-8:00
Large Group meeting...kind of motivational speaker every week---8:35-10:15
Class with Hermano Jimenez (native from Mexico)---10:15-1:00
Gym (Mondays are the best cuz we get a little longer...this includes prep to get ready and shower and prep after)---1:45-3:20
Class with Jensen (Utah native but widely considered one of the best non-native speakers here...speaks 2 other languages too)--- 3:20-6:00
Companion study---6:45-8:00
Language Study---8:00-9:00
Yesterday was a big day. It was our first day completely in Spanish for class, but one of our teachers had to switch to English to teach us direct/inderect object pronouns. I needed that review. So far we have learned 1 thing that I had not learned before, passive voice. So, not too hard for me, but speaking is a whole notha ball game. The 8 week guys and above tend to be super solid. I think I can at least make it to as good as them by then. I’m starting to try to speak more and more often
We study sooooo much. We work hard. I’m getting along really well with a few guys in my district and well with everyone else. This week we got another new district, but we don’t really know any of them yet. We get another new one next week, so its unlikely ill learn all of the names. It’s all pretty tough on our brains because its so much, but were learning work ethic and Spanish like crazy. I should be semi-fluent by the time I actually go to Vegas. Slow, but not bad. We are officially half we through as of tomorrow! It’ll be so nice to get out of here. I am not the kind of man who likes to sit in a class room for 6 hours a day. the good teachers do help though. Oh, we taught in all Spanish for the first time this morning. It went ok overall. I had to do almost all of the talking but the other 2 are getting there. I’m slow, but understandable. I’ll be better soon. Keep things interesting. That’s about it this week.
Oh ya, got letters from Matt and Natalie this week. They were sweet. You can post in my blog that they are obviously the best friends that I have....right after Alicia and that nobody can join their status until they equal the letters/package from Alicia. The competition will be stiff, but we'll see who will come out on top.