Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 12 - penultimate message from the MTC

Writing in English is weird. Entonces, I’ve been speaking a lot of Spanish lately, and I’ve been taking a lot of notes in Spanish lately too. Things are good but it is time to leave. I am starting to feel like I have been at the MTC too long. Fortunately they know that and give me new things to do and look forward to now.

This week I got to host the new elders, which was fun. This means that when the new elders come we meet them at the curb grab their bags and start taking them around. We get to be their guide for their first 30 mins in the MTC which is actually way fun. All of the moms crying and often elders and dads just not really caring is pretty funny to watch. Our job is to make them feel more chill about being here, which I feel I did a pretty good job of. Me and another elder got to escort a sister who speaks Spanish natively for a little while. That was sweet because I basically understood everything she said and talked back to her pretty well overall. She was really nervous but tried to slow down her Spanish a little I think so it equaled out to be about regular speed. There was some stuff I missed but nothing that really hurt the conversation. So that was really sweet.

Also me and my friends have started a fantastic tradition where one of my friends reads letters from girls to my other friends out loud...before the person its to reads them. They are really funny. His voice is hilarious. It’s so sweet. We have so much fun with it. I will be getting ready to leave very soon.

Travel plans arrive on Saturday and hopefully I get to be in the airport with Isaac. I’ve just been having a lot of fun with Corey here whenever I can. With our bouncy balls. It’s the best.