Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4 through 7

The 4th was a pretty good day. We talked a little about history and what it meant for the restoration in our classes, and then had a media presentation where they pretty much did the same thing. The fireworks were sweet though.
I got to meet my mission President. He and Sister Black are both super nice, but of course they are. It was a good meeting.
Elder Oaks came and talked to us. It was good and pretty invigorating.

Spanish is coming along fine. I'm way ahead of everybody else in the district. So much so that it is boring. It's hard to keep myself paying attention and awake. I need to start speaking it more with the couple of guys who actually can.

Right now one of my teachers thinks my name is Elder Taylor and we've kind of been having fun with that. We hear some funny stories from our teachers and stuff, but not a lot of funny stuff happens. Oh, we got a new district in our zone yesterday so we are no longer the young ones. It's really hard to say elder all the time. Oh, that's a funny story. I thought I wasn't going to see Travis again before he left, but then I saw him, and yelled "TRAVIS!!!" across a really crowded courtyard full of elders and sisters going into a devotional, they all turned and looked at me and then I realized and quickly shouted, "I MEAN ELDER SELLAND!!!" It was a little embarrassing. Oh, wait, there's another one. I was sitting at a table I always sit at the other day and it was really crowded in the cafeteria when a few other elders come sit by us. One of them sat next to me and I asked where he was from, he said Iowa, I asked where in, he said north of Des Moines, I said where north of Des Moines, He said Ankaney. Turns out he's from Uncle Ray's ward. Uncle Ray saw him when he dropped me off and told him to look for me. That was a surprise. I'm meeting tons of people who know similar people to me though.
Time's up. Must go. See you next week.