Friday, July 16, 2010

July 11-15 Report on Ben's Birthday

Hi everyone:
I got packages from you Sarah Alicia and Tim you all are seriously the best. They were such sweet packages. I was pretty happy. There was so much food/still is so much food. My room is like party central. Haha. And thank you grandma and grandpa Hepp for the birthday card. I will write next week - out of time today.

Yes, the popcorn is sooooo good. Oh my goodness, it is perfect for me. I was also very happy to have some things to unwrap. I saved them for my birthday and unwrapped them then. Thank you so much.

Did you get a package from Alisha and Natalie?
Yes, what great girls. They are the best for sure. So much food

It wasn't a bad week. It went pretty quick. Spanish is starting to come better now that others in my district can actually talk to me and understand what I'm saying. That's a big help. We've done a couple of English fasts and we have another one this weekend. Hopefully we can all do well
We had Jenny Oaks Baker come on Sunday. She played violin for us. It was pretty sweet
Oh wait, I got to go to the outside! One of my companion's retainers came loose so we got to go to the orthodontist...
That's about it for this week.