Friday, July 2, 2010

First Post from the MTC 7-1-10

Hi everyone! My P-day (my day off)is today, thursdays. It has been a long time coming. On P-day we have lunch at 1:00, class after dinner at 6 and some stuff until like 9 am, but other than that we have pretty much nothing. I have two companions. They are Elders Andrews and Feldman. Elder Andrews is from Seattle and Elder Feldman is from Lexington, VA. I like our district a lot, and there are some pretty cool people. There are lots of great Elders that like to have fun. I guess our zone has a bit of a tradition of being pretty chill. We just got new zone leaders today and they are just as cool as the old ones. The other guys in my district are all going stateside. AZ, FL, MS, and a couple other places. Its pretty sweet. So far we have learned tons and are moving super fast. Its crazy, but I'm way ahead in Spanish. I'm just in with like all of the regular people except one or two others that really know it. We are starting from the beginning so its kind of boring a lot of the time. Really easy right now. Im just trying to expand my vocab and brush up on the other tenses that we're not to yet. We are supposed to memorize 25 words and 3 phrases everyday, and I think we're pretty close to that on a lot of days. Its hard to get that many though. Im getting a lot better with that expanded vocab though.I still cant understand anything a native says when they speak quickly even though I know most of the words that they are using. Everday I wake up at 6:15 ish. Then I go to my classroom for personal study followed by breakfast than back to the room for comp study. Then usually about 3-4 hours of spanish and Preach my Gospel training. Then Lunch and then gym. Gym is the best part of the day without a doubt. I love playing soccer. I play everyday that I can. I feel so good when I get to play, then we shower and go back to class for another few hours followed by language study. Thats pretty much my day everyday. Its fun here, and Im advancing a lot, but its really hard too and Im always tired. Im asleep by 10:30 every night. Well, thats about it.
Elder Layton