Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally back again ...

On New Years day we went to church and then spent some time with a few member families around. It was a relaxed day and we enjoyed it. New Year's Eve the English-speaking missionaries in Carson came over and we played some games and chatted for a little while and then tried to go to bed with fireworks and party music going on all around us. Not the easiest of things to do, haha.

We were up in Tahoe for P-day last week and wow, it is absolutely incredible. Unbelieveably beautiful. We hiked to the beach and skipped rocks for a while and felt cold sand between our toes, haha. I reached down to touch the water and I really think it may be the coldest liquid I have ever touched in my life! It was a really great day though. In the 50s and lower 60s even! We also went to almost every ski and snowboard shop we could find...which was a lot, haha. Oh, and there’s no snow. It hasn’t snowed at all. The mountains are now completely brown again except for the runs at heavenly where they make snow at night. It’s ridiculous. We also ate at a diner which had the most incredible view. I wont be able to post a picture this week, but next week I will for sure.

In Carson, we were preparing the P’s for their baptism which finally happened this weekend! Yeaaa! They are super happy to be finally baptized and absolutely love it. They are already seeing blessings! Pedro told us he hasn’t had a full night sleep in 20 years but the night after his baptism he slept all the way through and felt great! He could also read the words of the opening hymn at the baptism which he can never do! It’s super cool. We are also now pushing for referrals in Carson harder and it looks like we should have a few of those coming in too. We are also trying to make contact with the son of an investigator who can’t go to church so can’t really progress. She wants her son to go and we taught him the first lesson a couple weeks ago and he liked it. He’s just not sure what he wants to do yet. We also got to see E. again. Unfortunately she didn’t make it out to church so this week we will have to find out why not (she was in Mexico again for the weekend).

We've also been to Tahoe of course, but we didn’t find ANY of the people we were trying to see in Tahoe...though we did get to know some members better. Sounds like some referrals coming!

We got restarted in Gardnerville after not seeing our investigators there for a little while because they’ve been out of town and stuff. It’s been pretty crazy. We taught a lady named L. again. She has actually gone to church twice now and we committed her to really get started on reading the Book of Mormon because she hasn’t had to do that (she has 3 girls the oldest must only be like 4). We will be seeing her again on Thursday to check up on her to see if she has read and prayed and also to teach lesson 2 probably. Then also in Gardnerville, there is the C. family who is basically the same deal minus the having been to church. Hermano C. is very interested and has a strong desire. We will be teaching the whole family the plan of salvation on Thursday. We built a little bit more of a relationship with the kids last week, so they like us now and won’t see us as strange guys in their house.