Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan. 16 -- finally posted!

This week we taught around 8 lessons, I think – not a lot. We did some tracting (door-to-door contacting), And some work with some members to try and get some referrals, but a lot of time was taken in travel. We were in Carson, Gardnerville, Tahoe, and Reno all this week and didn’t really have enough time in any of the areas and at the same time too much time! Nobody was home in the time we set out for each area, so we had to resort to backup and backup backup plans but that left our investigators untaught in the little time that we had to be in each area! We went by every investigator several times because it is sooo important that we see them but catching them at home has been a nightmare! We'll see how this week goes because time will be limited due to a leadership training, interviews with president, and a couple other things goin on. Hopefully we can work around everything well!

Oddly enough I think that this week’s most spiritual experience was one that we were not even present for. A couple of our investigators finally made it out to church this week in Carson for the first time but unfortunately we were in G-Ville! I was so excited to hear that they were finally able to make it there because we have been teaching them for a long time and one of them (sully) wants to get baptized! Hopefully this is the start of a good trend of every week attendance. We are hoping to have a lesson tonight to see how they liked it and commit them to keep coming and to a baptismal date.

We finally got to talk to the bishop in Tahoe and everything! He is fantastic! A very, very good missionary bishop, as all should be. He really understands the work and the help that we need to be able to really get the work going up there. Before we met with him we tried to find a referral and some less actives but only found one less active guy, though we had a nice conversation with him. We hope in the coming weeks things will be getting more and more organized. We should have at least 3 referrals coming in soon for up there but probably more! Hopefully we can get to teach all of them as fast as possible. It just snowed a little bit yesterday morning finally, but it sounds like we might be getting some real snow this weekend, especially up there.