Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught up: Jan. 23

This week should be pretty busy. Zone conference here on Thursday. We will be in Tahoe Thursday night through Sunday church. We are going to be speaking up there this Sunday. Should be a good week coming.

We’ve stayed in Tahoe a couple of times now – back in the cabin. We stayed up there Friday night and woke up to between 5 and 6 inches of snow! Came down the whole day! It was great! Snowed down here in the valley last night so we've got some on the ground here too. That’s huge for the area because it was getting to be a not-good drought and the economy was taking a hit without snow at Heavenly. We had some good stuff though. We met most of the leadership in Tahoe over the weekend. We went to a lot of their houses to meet them and share some spiritual thoughts about missionary work and getting things started there. Still waiting on a lot of the potential to come through but so far so good. We also met a few of the less actives and had some wonderful conversations with some of them. Hopefully will be getting a few back soon!

We taught Elsa the first couple points of lesson one. She is very interested in it all and says she really doesn’t know much so everything is new for her. She never knew what a prophet was and was excited to hear a description. It was a pretty good little lesson and we also found out she used to work with one of our best members! Good to have somebody already set up to fellowship her. We also taught Lorena in Gardnerville and she has committed to baptism, but not to a date yet. She has to get married first and needs to consult with her husband on that. I think it will happen though. Let’s see, We also got to talk to Jorge in Carson a little bit, but unfortunately he wasn’t there for the lesson we set up and he didn’t go to church either. Actually we had around 11 people total commit to church and had 0 go. That was a little depressing, especially after really getting in and committing so many people. We will just have to go this week and really make sure they all understand why it’s important.

Last week was a leadership training – in Fallon! It was suuuper weird going back! Great meeting though. Just what we needed. Talked about the importance of love, how to explain how the spirit works with people, etc.