Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas week ... Dec. 19

This week brings us an interesting time. So they still haven’t finished our place in Tahoe, which has been tearing our plans to pieces for the last two weeks, but we’re pretty sure we should be good to go this week, so we'll probably be up there Thursday and Friday, in Gardnerville tomorrow (Tuesday) after District meetings, and then Carson the rest of the week. We had an investigator at church from Gardnerville Sunday, so we’re excited to go ask her how it was. Hopefully she felt something and enjoyed it. We’re excited for that.

Work during the holidays isn’t particularly good on one end because a lot of people are in and out of town. That makes things difficult. On the other hand, people feel much more charitable and turn more to Christ during this season, so in that way it goes up. Ends up just being a little different. Unfortunately work schedules get kinda rough too.

Christmas eve we’ll spend the evening with the A. family. Should be a really nice night. They’ll probably have a lot of family over, most of whom we know too, so we should have fun. On Christmas, we'll probably hop between a couple of families. The J., who are a great family. Only two of the daughters are members, but the whole family loves us and we love them too. Not sure if the daughters will have to work that day or not, but we'll still go over there for a bit. then We will have to go to the R. for a while. These families really quickly become family to us here; they are so great!

Things are going pretty well with the training program with Elder Baker. It’s kind of hard to understand the program, but were starting to get used to it. It seems that somehow it is way too much and way too little to study in a week at the same time. Our goal is to survive all 3 areas of training while still giving all of our investigators the time they need. Next to impossible, but we can pull it off.

It’s cold, but for exercise I do a little bike cuz we have a 1970s Flight of the Concords style bike in our apartment. It’s pretty sick. But no snow yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve started praying for snow! I can’t take it anymore! I think it might be snowing in Tahoe right now. There are thick clouds over the mountains, so I can only hope!