Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

The most interesting thing of the first week in Fallon? Probably that it snowed and melted snowed and melted the entire week. The toughest? Since both of the elders working with the Spanish branch here were transferred and we both came in new, trying to figure out where on earth to start when neither of us knows the area, the investigators, or anything about the area really at all. We are still kind of trying to figure out who the missionaries who left were teaching. We spent most of the week going over the area book, calling the elders who were transferred out, searching for places because we don’t know where anything is, and getting stood up by appointments. So, it was pretty interesting. We are really teaching the entire branch plus investigators.

Yesterday was our first Sunday here and we had one of the lowest attendances ever in the Spanish branch. It’s kind of nuts. I couldn’t really understand anything in Elders quorum. It’s hard. Sacrament and Sunday School I did pretty well, but not fantastic. We both have a long way to go. Elder Bowe hasn’t served in a real Spanish area in over 6 months.

My apartment is nice. I still haven’t really finished unpacking; I just got the last of my stuff from Yerington today. I live with Elder Bowe and 2 other missionaries. They are all cool guys. Elder Bowe, is from Pennsylvania; Elder Camp is from Henderson; and Elder Erwin is from Virginia. One of them I was kind of friends with before we came here, plus I was kind of friends with my comp before I came. Good group. So it’s a pretty sweet set up. We play a ton of Phase 10 and solve Rubiks Cubes ... which I can do now, by the way. It’s pretty chill. We also sometimes have double comp study which is super fun and you learn more, but we have to do it in English, so a bit of a trade off.

We leave for Fernley tomorrow where we will do some work, stay the night, drive to Reno Wed morning to exchange our ‘08 Fusion for an ‘11 Malibu, go back to Fernley, hopefully hit a couple of appointments, stay the night, do a little more work in Fernley then drive back to Fallon Thursday afternoon. That is going to be pretty crazy overall, but should be a good time.