Monday, January 31, 2011

First story. Monday was an interesting day after email. We had a fantastic time playing croquet without hoops and did some other things and then went to work in the evening as usual. We got done at about 8:30, so we saw the English elders who were also done and asked if they wanted to go up to this giant lit up cross that is in Fallon to take some pictures and check it out (we had been wanting to hike to it considering that’s not really something you see everywhere). We went up and looked around and took some pictures, some of which I've uploaded, and then walked back to the car. Upon arrival at the car Elder Bowe gets out the keys and goes to turn on the car when he discovers something terrible: while we were on top of the hill, the car key had somehow finagled its way off of the carabiner he had it on. All of the other keys were still on it. Just not the one key we actually needed. So we said a prayer and headed back up to search for the key with flashlights we had. Unfortunately the entire ground was covered in glass, so everything looked like a key. Needless to say we didn’t find it. We had to have the ZLs [zone leaders] come pick us up and bring us back to the appt. The next day we went and looked again for another 2 hours, but didn’t find anything. At this point everyone is getting frustrated that praying didn’t help us find the key. We gave up and called the car missionary, who fortunately loves us, and told him we lost the key. He said seriously? and then told us he was overnighting a new one. Unfortunately the US postal service considers overnight deliveries anything that arrives within 3 days of when it was sent. WOW! That was ridiculous. We finally get the key and go to try it (the car has been at the foot of this hill the whole time) and the car doesn’t start. So we went and got jumper cables and then jumped the car...nothing. Then I realized (having lots of experience with dead batteries) that the headlights could still turn on. No way it’s the battery. So we get out the manual and I tell my comp to look up the safety features for anti theft. Apparently the key has to be specifically programmed to the car to be able to start it. We call the car guy again. He calls the dealer. Dealer tells him that there is possibly a way to program the key that might work. We had to turn the key to the on position for 10 mins, then off for 10 seconds, and then repeat 3 more times. So, while I was taking care of that with Elder Camp, Bowe and Irwin decided to hike up the mountain. As they hiked up just casually talking, Bowe looked down AND what do ya know, the key is right in front of his foot. They run back down and put the key in and the car starts right up. We put the other key in and the car programmed the key because we had just had the right key in. So now we have 2 working keys. Moral of the story: Prayers do get answered...eventually. hahhaha. So we finally have a car again. Needless to say the work was a little slower than normal this week because we had no car. hahahha.

Second story. We were painting a room at this cool family’s house for service when the mom broke a light on accident. Her little 5 year old daughter went and told the dad that the mom broke the light bulb. The mom asked the daughter "why did you have to go tell on me?" and the 5 year old daughter replied "why do you tell on me all of the time? See it would be better if neither of us told on each other." She is 5. Also she speaks perfect Spanish and English. I’m so jealous!

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