Friday, December 31, 2010

December 20 -- last note from Yerington

Yerington in winter.

[Sorry for the delay -- Ben's parents have been traveling.]

We taught Tamara a couple more times, then had her baptism Saturday! It was very good. She is such a strong girl. She is a good example for her mom and grandma. We also got a couple of more really good appointments set up for this coming week along with the usual lessons with less actives and stuff. It was an ok week until it started raining. Cold, cold, cold rain. That’s no fun. It is supposed to continue this week, but it doesn’t matter because we have really good appts set up. We have a lesson tonight with a high school senior who is really interested. It will be at a member’s house so that will be cool. Hopefully we can answer some of his questions. It will be a good week leading up to Christmas, hopefully. We also shared “Joy to the World” with a couple of people which was pretty good. But one of the families we shared it with couldn’t get it into Spanish so it was a little hard for them to understand it really well, but they still could.

[Tuesday, Ben was transferred to Fallon. More next week.]