Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

On P-day yesterday we just hung out. It was super warm here – like 60º. Pretty sweet. It is soooo nice! I love it. We went grocery shopping, I made food for the whole apartment (fajitas...chicken, bean, guacamole, onion, green pepper, Tapatios hot sauce, and hot tortillas), we played Guestures, opened up the balcony door and hung out there a bit, just had a chill day.

This week, in Fernley we taught Chayo and Leo and Chayo's sister Lupe. Chayo and Lupe are very accepting and may want to get baptized. Leo (Chayo's husband) is a little more reserved. We brought a member to that, and he did a good job at working to include Leo. We also taught Alma, who does want to get baptized, but can’t come to church, so that’s a problem. She babysits 5 kids on Sundays. We are trying to get her to just bring all of them, but often kids are sick, so it’s hard. Plus she has to get permission from the parents to bring them all to the Mormon church in Fallon...not helpful. We also kind of taught a lady named Bertha. She is very interested and I think we should be able to get her to church and get baptized, but we really need to meet with her sons and teach them, because apparently they are very influential in the community with the kids because they are both very good soccer players.

We also met this lady named Mimi who speaks English, so we are going to have to hand her off to the sisters, but we had a cool experience. She is super nice. We met her while we were at a part member family’s house and she came in and talked to us for a bit. We went to her house on Sunday to see her and had an interesting experience. She talked for most of the time. At the end we asked if we could pray with her. She said of course and we were about to pray when she had a super spiritual experience looking into our eyes. She said she could really see our souls and how pure they were. She said she just felt something, some kind of energy, and she said that there was a light with our faces. It was really cool. We are going to introduce her to the sisters and I have faith she will see the same things in them, so it should be really good for her. She will be going to church with them next week I think. It was a really, really cool experience.

We didn’t speak in sacrament meeting yesterday. They told us the wrong day; we will be talking the 5th Sunday.