Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13

This week basically consisted of tracting, people not being home, and zone conference in Reno. Tracting was pretty good. We met about 6 possibles and got 4 return appts, but so far 3 punched. We'll see them at some point though. That’s really about all for the week I think. Oh, we taught Tamara the Plan of Salvation this week too. That girl is pretty dang smart. We taught it simply, but still it can be difficult for a 10-year-old to really understand and she had no problem. That was fun. Plus we got to teach it at Bobby's house. I love that guy.

Zone conference in Reno was pretty fun. We had a good time overall. I hung out with Ryan Matekal the whole time (from BYU) and we got to do a lot of reminiscing. We had some training in the morning from President and Sister Black and the APs. It was a pretty solid one. Not too boring at all. The stake relief society fed us ham and potatoes and rolls and everything. It was pretty good. That’s how you should feed missionaries. We are growing boys. We don’t want soup....that’s what we got the time before. We want hearty food and a lot of it. Then we watched Mr Krugers Christmas and had some people sing songs and some other stuff. President dressed up like Santa and took all of our transfer wishes. I said I just want to go south, which I doubt will happen, but I’ll probably leave here, so I am guessing that I’m headed up to Reno or to Tahoe. Either one would be pretty fun, though very snowy from what I hear. (Sister Black posted some Tahoe pics on her mission blog this week.) It was a pretty good time overall, as it always is hanging with other missionaries.

We are teaching about 5-6 people/families, some of them more so than others. We have 3 who are very likely to get baptized and everyone else is pretty unlikely. One of the 3, Tamara, will be baptized on Saturday, so that will be fun. We teach her again tomorrow night. We are teaching a guy tonight who is pretty sick and has a lot of problems, but is also very cool and already asked to get baptized, so we'll set him with a date tonight. Then we also have one more guy that is back in town named Dustin; he will get baptized soonish. He enjoyed attending priesthood meeting at church a couple of weeks ago and even though we'd been at church with him for a couple of hours, he actually turned to me and said that time was going pretty fast...which I completely disagreed with, but that’s good he thought so. Hopefully we'll do something with him today. He likes to chill with us on p-days sometimes.