Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Countdown: 1

Last week was busy – so busy that we totally forgot to organize a zone activity to climb Mt. Charleston!   Lots to do this week, too.  It will be my last Sunday in Las Vegas (last Sunday as a missionary -- wow!), so we’ll be inviting our investigators and less actives to come to church to say good-bye.  Hopefully it works. We honestly should be averaging between 5 and 10 investigators at church each Sunday, but the people just haven’t shown up yet. Last Sunday we only had one there.  But we had a success with a less-active member who came, and one of our recent converts was back in our ward this week along with a less-active lady from her work that she brought, so it was pretty solid. Lots of people out of town/family in town this week for Father's Day, so we weren’t really expecting a lot. Hopefully this is just the first week of things going right.

While I’m working and you’re waiting for me to return home, check out this video-- We have been sharing it a lot lately and it may be the best introduction to the Book of Mormon that the Church has made. I love it.