Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Countdown: 3

Sunday we had a disappointment to start off the day; an investigator stood us up when we had a member there to pick her up, but I’m sure it was because of her medical problems, so there’s nothing she can do about that. After that though at church we had two of our investigators that we were really hoping for show up! Plus two that are always there. It went really well we think, but we'll find out more when we have our lessons with them this week. We were excited though. Oh and our recent convert F. gave his testimony this week and it was fantastic! Everyone loved it! It was pretty awesome! And it was really good for our investigators there. Fun.

During the week we had a really good lesson with his nephew A. and he was one of the ones at church. He will get baptized when he gets his answer, so that’s pretty cool. 

Best part of the week?  Any time A. or F. prays. It’s incredible. They have such real prayers and you can really feel that they are being listened to. They have a lot of faith.