Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well, I'm back in Jefferson City. After two years I made it home. Its been quite the journey, as many of you may well know. It feels good to be home, but at the same time there will always be a piece of me back in a few towns and cities scattered across Nevada. If anyone ever has any questions for me about anything from my blog posts over the last two years, don't be afraid to ask! If there is one thing I've gained an appreciation for over the last year, it is the power of questions. You cannot get any answer if you don't ask the question.

Well, I'll be starting a new blog or two shortly for those who would like to continue to follow the life of Ben Layton a little bit, haha. I suspect that number will be few due to the fact I fully believe that people do not generally tend to be that bored. I will also be updating my profile on, so you'll be able to check that out soon too!