Monday, December 12, 2011

Carson preparing for Christmas

Carson City’s lights are pretty nice downtown, especially by the capitol. Gardnerville is pretty nice too, but not as sweet as Tahoe. But all of them are going to be just ok until it SNOWS! It seriously hasn’t even snowed yet! This is getting ridiculous. By this time last year they were rolling in about 6 inches here and a couple of feet in Tahoe. Everyone is assuming that a huge storm is going to hit us out of the blue one of these days to make up for it.

Yesterday we had the P. family come to church in Carson River, but we were only in that ward for about 20 mins before we headed up to Gardnerville for church there. We hadn’t been there in a while so we needed to get there and I had to give a baptismal interview right after church (number 7 in the last week and a half). We are working on developing a new system for deciding where we are going to go. Our bishop in Tahoe finally has a place for us to stay there, so we will now be doing 2 days a week in Tahoe, 2 a week in Carson, 1 a week in Gardnerville, and then Sundays and P-days will depend on what’s happening that week. It’s going to be absolutely ridiculous. I have no clue how we are going to pull it off, but that’s the goal. Anyway, the P’s have mentioned how different they feel with us and at church.

This week we taught the C. family Gardnerville for the first time, which went great! They sure felt the spirit during our lesson. Brother C. really thought hard about everything we talked about. We tried something different and instead of reciting the first vision, we fast forwarded to it on the restoration DVD and showed that, which I think was definitely more powerful. We also taught M., who isn’t going to be working on Sundays any more starting next week I think, so we should finally be able to get her to church! M. always feels the Spirit. he understands scriptures so easily compared to everyone else that its crazy! The investigators in general that feel it tend to be people that contact us and referrals. Other than that, not so much.

Sometimes the most challenging thing for someone learning about the gospel is the concept of going to church every Sunday. They know they’re supposed to, they just never have, so that’s hard to get a lot. For the most part though, there’s not a lot of difficult stuff. It’s just change that’s hard.

We’re always glad when members teach with us. Members do best when they bear testimony of the gospel in their own lives. We always really appreciate that and the investigators find it more powerful coming from them than from us.

Beyond Christmas lights and teaching? Well, we had a zone conf this last week in Reno and we got to watch "17 Miracles," which was reaaally good! SO that was fun! Today we are going bowling and cleaning. We have a guy from the missionary department coming out with us tomorrow because my comp was part of an experimental 6-week Spanish training district, so they want to see how it went.