Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12

My dad asked about missionaries and bikes here. The 2 we live with are on bikes, but the other 2 in our district are the other spanAms, so they have a car. In all of Vegas? I don’t know. Most of the English missionaries that aren’t zone leaders are on bike in Vegas. So most of the missionaries in my zone (see the pic) are on bikes. If you’re in Vegas, watch for them and ask if they know me!

I was actually sick this week, so I didn’t really have much on the teaching front, haha. But I’m all good now, so you don’t have to worry! We did teach J. a couple more times this week. We read some of the Book of Mormon with him and we taught him lesson 2. They were good lessons, but his physical needs are greater at the moment than the spiritual, so that’s all we can really think about. The ward is working on that though.

Each week I spend an hour on I usually tweek my profile a bit (so check it out again!), watch the videos, check out the Spanish videos (not as many as in English), and look to see if there’s any new good videos on lds youth, cuz some of those are in Spanish.