Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 19

The most exciting part of the week was Saturday. It was a super fun day. In the morning we got a call telling us that there was going to be a wedding of non-members from our area at the church, so we ran over there and the couple and several members of the wife’s family were there, so we ended up taking pictures for them outside the church and everything. They were all super fun and great people. It was such a good time. Then the Dad of the bride told us that he felt something different in the building as he was looking at all of the paintings. He kept pointing out all of the paintings of Christ in the building and in the bishop's office and they all loved them, which was super cool. The couple was unbelievably excited to be getting married, it was awesome! You could just feel something great from the family. Just fantastic people! Then after that the other missionaries in the ward had a baptism of a 9 year old girl, and the baptism went great! The spirit was super strong and there were a few investigators there (though none of them ours :( ). It was great though. It went really well. Then that night we had a ward party. It was a Noche Latina celebrating the individual heritage of the members and the independence of several of the countries. It was probably the best party we have had. Tons of people were there, tons of non-members, tons of food, tons of culture. It was so chill! I’m posting pics, so you can see some of what it was like! We had so much fun and met a lot of new people! Waaay good. Other than those, we had some good lessons this week, but I'd say the highlight was our lesson with L. We taught her about the Book of Mormon again and the importance of reading it because she didn’t get a chance to read it last week. We also read the first chapter with her and got her into the story line so that this week she can really read and feel the spirit of that Book for the next time we meet. I’m excited for her. She has a lot of support from friends and her boyfriend. Also, J. is gone. The bishop bought him a bus ticket to LA where he can go to the Argentine embassy and got organized to get back to Argentina where he has family and a small retirement. Hopefully he goes back to the church down there!