Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26

This week our focus is going to be on teaching our new investigators and setting up times to watch conference with as many investigators as we can...preferably in member homes. We’re pretty excited about it. We will probably just do Sunday afternoon in the church so we can get to as many of our investigators as possible. Especially since nobody goes to the church anymore for conference, since they can watch on BYUTV.

This week was finding week. We picked up a great new family (the one who had the wedding) and we will be teaching them tomorrow night again. They are such a great family and will be perfect for the ward. The wife will be having her baby any day, so it’s a perfect time in their life to find the church, especially with the message of eternal families. We actually just talked to them about what we teach and a little bit of our purpose, but they are just so great that it made it a super spiritual experience.

We also got a really good referral of a lady whose super excited to meet the missionaries and has already gone to church on her own and everything. She is supposed to be calling us today! That’s exciting. We also found a pretty good area to tract in our area finally. Not fantastic, but pretty good. We picked up a couple potentials in there. We'll see what comes from that this week. We are also picking up an old investigator again named V. He’s been to church a lot, but never wanted to commit to anything, but he says he’s more ready now, so we will be teaching him tomorrow too! Should be good! We were all over the place this week. Oh ya, we are also helping a less active come back and her non-member husband is asking a lot of questions, which is fun.