Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes, Fallon is where the naval air base is that’s in “Top Gun.” Where we live, we hear planes a decent amount. It’s kind of like where grandma and grandpa are [near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona], except you hear a little this than that. They don’t usually fly very low.

This week we got a call from Laura y Arturo telling us that they were going to have to cancel our lesson this week. On the surface, that’s a low point, but when you realize that somebody actually calling to cancel an appointment means that they are pretty dang interested it starts to become a high point. But this one gets better. She also told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and the Restoration pamphlet that we left her and really likes it. She also said they had to cancel because they were going to California to visit her sister...who is a member of the Church, and that they were planning on going to church with her. Hopefully they did. We will probably find out later today, and should have a lesson with them tomorrow.

We also met a new investigator this week. We are not positive but are pretty sure her name is Diana (couldn’t really remember when we left...not good haha). She is about 18 and met with the missionaries a little bit when she was living in Mexico. She has only been in the states for about a year and a half. She told us that she read the book of Mormon a little even! The really funny part was that we started to talk to her in English because that’s what we do with anybody young and she was just saying hhmmhmm hmmhmm, but then said I don’t speak English very well, sorry (which usually means that they aren’t interested). So we switched over and said pues, hablamos epsanol tambien. And she was super excited and invited us right in and immediately said that this house is your house, come whenever you want, and you are always welcome. That was definitely the most welcoming door I have ever knocked far. And it was like our last one of the day. Pretty sweet. We had a good lesson and have another for Tuesday. She shows a lot of promise too.

Ok, back to Fallon. We had a really good lesson with a lady named Irma and her granddaughter named Nestle who we have taught once before. They are pretty easy to teach. They take the gospel for what it is...simple. They know the scriptures a little bit too, and think everything just makes sense...which it does. They show a lot of promise too, but we can only teach them on Saturday nights. Lucky for us, she has off work on...Sundays!!! But this Sunday they had already planned to go to Reno, so hopefully this next Sunday. Funny this is that Nestle is another 10 year old girl. That’s number 3. This is starting to get kind of weird...hahaha. Don’t have any idea why we keep running into that exact age.

Today is packed. I’ve got lunch after this, then we are playing table soccer with the other missionaries, then we are going with an investigator named Oscar to kill some gofers, and then dinner, and then we are playing soccer with a TON of less actives and several potential investigators. Most of them are less active because of soccer. We will see what we can do. Then on Friday night this week we are restarting an old tradition here of Friday night Volleyball for the branch members and anyone else that wants to play. We've gotten a lot of questions about why it stopped from less actives, so obviously we said I don’t know, you want to play Friday? That should be good. Hopefully get active members mingling with less active members. I am excited for that.

My scripture study this week included John 3-4. They are very powerful and say very directly that you HAVE TO BE BAPTIZED. Makes it pretty clear and obvious.