Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5

Things here have been going crazy! The mission is going nuts right now. The Church has announced that changes in the boundaries of our mission and the creation of the Reno Mission, Some of the missionaries in our mission will be in the new mission. So the number of texts and calls we had through our phone the day they made the announcement about the mission was ridiculous. Everyone is freaking out because most people will get transferred by then, which will determine what mission they’ll be in. Me and my comp just told everyone we didn’t care because were going to be home, hahaha. Just messing with people.

But I’m glad to finish in this area when I do. It’s great. And we are teaching some great people.

We taught a lesson to Gl. this week which went great! She had wanted to get baptized on her birthday in May, but after church on Sunday she told us that she knew she would be ready earlier so we set her for the 7th of April, which was super exciting! She wants to be baptized badly and knows that it will be a great help in her life especially since she is having some problems with her husband right now.

We also had a great lesson with Go. on the commandments with our ward mission leader there. It went great. He is happy to keep any commandments at all and knows they will make him happier. His baptism is this Saturday and his wife and son (already members) are super excited! They are ready to be sealed in the temple as a family as soon as possible! His wife was giddy at the lesson when our ward mission leader testified of being sealed (in the temple like the one you can visit next month).

And then there are V. and her brother K. V. has been waiting for permission from her parents who just wanted her to wait a little bit longer but now feel like she is ready...and she definitely is! Her brother will be baptized soon, too.