Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 19, 2012

Everyone back at home, watch this VIDEO!!! Sorry I can’t be there, but call or email my parents; you can go with them. Or just go yourself!

The most fun exciting event of the week in Nevada was when ex-elder Jeremy Bowe (just posted on Facebook a tag to an old pic of us) showed up at my door, haha. He was in town for volleyball, so he stopped by to say hey! I currently live in his first apartment on the mission, so he knew exactly where I was, haha. It was super good to see him and talk for a few minutes before he had to get back!

The second most exciting thing was stake conference, haha. Before conference there was a special meeting for all the recent converts in the stake with the stake presidency, President Anderson from the mission presidency, and Elder Webb of the 70. It was a very solid meeting and we had 5 recent converts there which was great...though we should have had more. The conference was really good as well. Of our investigators, G. and M. were at the conference, and they really enjoyed it. I think we may have been in the oldest stake center in Vegas. It’s very different. (Check this link from the ldsarchitecture blog.) It’s all white and kind of blocky, pretty cool place. The lobby looks like a temple lobby. After we got to each do a baptismal interview for one of the other companionships in the ward, which went great as well. The ward is having 3 baptisms this weekend!