Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb. 13

This week it tried to snow, but didn’t really succeed. We worked in all three areas.

In Tahoe we found a couple new less active people that the ward had asked us to check out and had nice visits with them one Thursday and Friday. We also wanted to start teaching the couple in Tahoe who was been coming to church for over a month (nobody told us about them until after they’d come 5 times!) but the activity Friday night was canceled and then we haven’t made it back there yet.

In Gardnerville, we got the phone number for our solid investigator there, which is huge (she didn’t have a phone before) because now we can call ahead and not waste time and miles!

And we actually got pretty solid lessons with two of the investigators we are really striving to work with here in Carson. They are extremely difficult to catch, but always tell us how much they want us to teach them and everything. The one is Jorge and his family who we were able to teach this week a little about the plan of salvation. We also finished teaching Elsa about the plan of salvation too and she is just constantly blown away by the things we teach her, which is fun. The big problem right now is getting them to church on Sundays.