Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 1 (finally!)

Things went pretty well this week. We finally got in contact with Fidel again this week and got to visit him at his new house. He is such a funny guy. His family is great. His little kid Sammy is super funny. We ended up getting them to go to the trunk or treat/ward party and they had a great time! Brother Fraud is his boss at the dairy farm and he immediately saw Fidel and showed him around and introduced him to people. Fidel isn’t really someone that cares that he doesn’t really speak English that much. He still talks to everyone. After the party he told us that the kids really like us and he does too, and we set up an appointment to teach the whole family tonight.

We had 3 referrals at the ward party, which was great. Sister Clifton here is a great missionary. She knows tons of people and is always finding people for us to teach. She hasn’t had a lot until just recently because she was in Salt Lake for 5 months at the hospital there with her daughter who almost died about 5 times. It was crazy, but now she’s back and can do everything again but walk and can almost do that again. True miracle. For everyday that you’re on the ventilator that she was on you are supposed to lose use of your body parts for a week or something like that...she was on it for 50 days..., but she can already move everything again and her upper body is in perfect strength. The doctors were all blown away. They all thought she would be dead or at least not able to do anything like walk again, but she still might to be able to play college volleyball in a couple years which she had a scholarship for. Don’t really know what happened. Her body just freaked out with some crazy virus. Completely randomly. But anyways, Sister Clifton has another couple referrals for us in addition to the 3 that we met on Friday; 2 of them were at church on Sunday in addition to the activity. We are excited to teach them. We also have set up to start giving service 4 days a week. We will do 2 days for 1 hour at the library and 3 days for 1 hour at the hospital.

This is how transfers work in my mission. On the Saturday before transfers there are 3 sets of calls. 1st in the morning you are called if you are going to be a trainer. 2nd in the afternoon you get a call if you are going from south to north or north to south. 3rd you get a call at night if you are staying or getting transferred within the north/south. They then call again later to tell you where you are going and who your new companion will be. If you are going south then you get all packed up and go to Fallon on Monday, stay overnight there and then leave in the morning while your companion waits for his new companion to get up here. They meet back at one of the buildings in Fallon at about 4 and then drive back to Yerington/ wherever. It’s crazy.