Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 7

We had another great lesson with F. and he finally confirmed for this weekend! We had a lesson at his apt, and outside was a big party with a DJ, food, a bounce house, piñata, the whole 9 yards. It looked super fun, but while we were teaching we could hear it but realized we'd rather be there teaching than at the party. That was pretty cool. Especially because we had to walk right through the party to get there and it looked super fun, ahah. So he will be getting baptized Saturday at 8:00pm.  After this long process of decision making it’s been so worth it!

We also had a good lesson with T. with a couple from the ward there who are ready to fellowship her, but she never called us back on Sunday about church so I guess she was working. The upside is I think this might have been her last weekend working, so she should be able to start coming to church next Sunday! We also taught our new investigator E., but she slept in through the time we were having a member pick her up because she is heavily medicated (still recovering from a stroke). Can’t blame her for that. We will keep working with her and hopefully get her to church next week!  And we've started teaching a guy named R. too. E. pretty much referred herself...she asked another investigator for our number, and R. is a ref from members in an English ward. Both going pretty well. Working on a couple more refs this week.