Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 18, 2011

Well, we went to the temple this morning, so I jumped the mission boundaries! hahaha. We didn’t know we had this trip until like Sunday. People forgot to tell us. So that was all morning and now we are emailing and then we will shop a little and that’s about all the time we will have. It’s a busy day. The Vegas temple is really pretty. All of the palm trees and flowers around it make it look really cool.

I was riding bikes all week last week. It was a good time despite how saddle sore I was the first few days. Fortunately it cooled down a lot for us. No, no close calls with cars, haha. While I was out riding, I saw Jason (Sarah’s husband) :) Hahaha, yep. That was fun. I laughed. He came out of nowhere and we had actually just been talking to another member who pulled over to talk to us right before that. Pretty funny day.

This week we set another girl with a date for baptism. She will be baptized June 4th and confirmed on Sarah’s birthday. Last night, we also taught the one who will be baptized Friday. She is super excited, but she is making me sing with my comp at her baptism, so I’m not happy with her right now, haha. Let’s see. Oh, so I don’t think I’ve written since Daniela's baptism because of the p-day change (temple trip)! So it was pretty much the biggest baptism ever. There were over 60 people there! There wasn't even room in the primary room for all of the people so people were out in the hall with the doors open so that they could see too. It was crazy. Between the 2 companionships we had 8-9 investigators there, and after being there most of them are about ready to get baptized too. It was pretty sweet. President Black was there too because he had to give an interview right before. It was super good. Hopefully we can get half that for the rest of our baptisms coming up. Daniela was all smiles after. She was super excited. She and another girl were both confirmed on church Sunday and they were both so happy. It was cool to see. This ward is going to have to get used to a lot of confirmations in Sacrament meeting because there are more coming. This Sunday there will be 3, next Sunday I think 2, and the Sunday after I think 3 again. It’s pretty fun. We are having a good time with it all. The members here are pretty personable. A lot of really funny people, which makes our lives a good time, especially since my comp is really good at Spanish and can keep up with them.

Do we have our car back? Yes, thank goodness, I was done with that bike. I hugged our little Corrolla when we got it back.