Friday, April 29, 2011

April 25

Thanks, Mom, for sending the Easter eggs like this. We tried to use them with one big family on Good Friday, but they weren't available, so it didn't work out. That was a little disappointing

On Easter we pretty much just did the usual. Nothing really different. The talks at church were on Easter topics and the choir from the 6th Ward came and sang a few pieces, but other than that, just a normal day. Attendance? Big change from last week. Turns out where as in English culture Easter Sunday is when everyone goes to church, in Hispanic culture it is the Sunday that nobody goes to church. We were down in attendance, but not as badly as anticipated. After church we ate at the Radillo family's house. They made us sopes which were so good. I love sopes.

Youth in the branch? We have a pretty good amount, actually. We actually played soccer with most of them and some investigators a couple days ago. It was super fun and they are way more comfortable with us after that...not that they weren't before. My team won 15-14. Super good time.

Next week is transfers. I don’t know if I will move or my comp will. My preference? Go to Tahoe for the summer!