Friday, October 8, 2010

October 4

ITS RAINING!!!!!!!!!! Its been raining all day today and a lot of yesterday!!! Even occasional thunder and lightning. Its so awesome. I've broken out my sweaters and the vest. I probably dont need them very much yet, but I love sweaters. Oh, ya and we dont really have to wear our full suits if we wear our sweaters. It just doesnt work, because they cant have us wearing out our suits all of them time when its cold up here, so its all good, which is way awesome. Oh, and its about 60 today with a cooler breeze.

Well, the week started off last Monday with Paintball!!! That was wayyyyy fun. Theres a member of the Church in Fernley who owns a really big tournament paintball course and let all of us missionaries come down and use the course, his equipment, and 500 balls for $15. Super super good deal. Plus he fed us hotdogs and stuff. Hes a super cool guy. We got to play for a couple hours and we could have gone for way longer but we had to get back for an appointment. I got a sweet welt that I think I have a picture of too. It was super fun. Even the sisters came. they were funny. They didn’t care about getting hit at all and just hung with everyone else. I'm definitely going to be a lot better next time if we get permission again this transfer. Its also way sweet just to be able to hang out with other elders a little bit since we never get to.

After paintball we went to an appointment with a recent convert named Nabor. He’s super cool and we hadn’t been able to meet with him in forever because he works the harvest schedule right now so he can't even go to church. He took his one day off of the month and called us and asked us to meet with him, which was super cool of him. We then had a family home evening and another visit, both of which went very well. Really the only other highlight of the week was our lesson with the Sotos. We showed the Elder Holland's talk Safety for the Soul which Brother Hansen got on a DVD in Spanish for us. The spirit was very, very strong, but we haven’t been able to see them since, so we don’t know what’s going on. We'll find out tomorrow night when we have another lesson with them. They didn't make it to conference, but we did have one other investigator go. He enjoyed it, so we'll talk to him about it when he’s back in town on Wednesday. (he went in Fernley.)

As to General Conference, my definite favorite was President Uchtdorf’s talk about slowing down. (,5232,23-1-1298-7,00.html ) He is the best. He’s got jokes too. What a guy. Definitely something you learn on the mission that is super important is to just focus on the simple stuff because nothing else really matters that much.

Between sessions of conference on S
aturday we went over to the Hansen’s for lunch, which was good. They are such a great family and help us out all of the time with things that we need which is way sweet. Brother Hansen is a trapper for Nevada and Sister Hansen is working on getting her sub certificate now that all the kids are in school. On Sunday we just went back to the Apt and ate. Everybody here has Dish, so there were a grand total of 3 people there at the highest point. Kind of funny.

Transfers are this week, but we are both staying here in Yerington for another 6 weeks. They did give us more area to cover though. So things will be interesting. We now cover Silver Springs which means that we cover 2 wards and a branch now. Our area is huge; it goes 30 mins Southeast, 30 mins South West, and 30 mins North. Kind of ridiculous, but we will have to do.

I love getting mail. Its the best. I get super excited when I have some. You can write a short note too. I got a lot of letters about the wedding. That was nice. Sis told me she got homesick for DC when she went back to Vegas. I felt the same way when me and dad went back to Missouri after his case when I was in 8th grade. Weird because I barely remember living there.