Friday, September 24, 2010

September 20

This week not a whole ton happened overall. There is one lady that we are teaching who we think could possibly do really well. Her name is Brandi and we taught her again this week. She started out really down when we first met her, but is doing much better now. She’s a great lady and I think that she wants to be better. It’s kind of fun teaching her. Oh, there is one member here who has never really been active since he was a teenager and even then it was only because he had to, He is now about 70 or somewhere around there. His wife died a couple years ago and since then has started to remember his childhood in the church a little bit. Now he is reading the Book of Mormon and each Sunday that he’s in town we go to his house and answer all of his questions about that he has written down about passages he has read throughout the week. They are super interesting questions and it’s actually really fun to do. He’s a really cool guy too. Super relaxed and easy to talk to. This week he told us that it’s definitely not made up, so he’s making a lot of progress. That's been a pretty good time.

So, I finally got a wedding invitation from Tim and Ashley today, which personally I think was intended to arrive here after the wedding to make sure that I couldn't go. Oh well. It looks good though and I like the picture for sure. Mostly because Tim is not clean shaven.

Let's see....other things that have happened this week. We helped a lady get a table and chairs from the thrift store and into her house. She’s actually from South Central Missouri. I don’t remember what town. Just that its east of Branson. Her husband just got home from the hospital and we talked to him for a bit about the church. He’s an Episcopalian pastor, but very open to all religions. That was pretty interesting too. Let’s see, we also had another lesson with the Soto family. I think they’re really doing well, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. It was good though. We went over Ether 12 and talked about how you need to have a trial of your faith before you can get something. So in other words you gotta give a little bit before you are given. I think we'll do some service for them soon. They need some firewood for the winter, so we'll probably help them cut some up or something.

Oh ya! I forgot. this week we had one of the worst nights ever. At 2 am our carbon monoxide alarm went off with a screech that was absolutely unbearable. It was so loud! We got kind of worried, so we opened up windows and turned fans on and stuff to make sure we were good before we realized it was the battery. The thing was just messing up. It took is so long to realize it was the battery because it was plugged in. Which doesn't make any sense at all. But the battery light was on, so whatever. Anyway, we went back to sleep by 2:30. Then our window couldn't hold itself up after about 3:10, so it crashed down super loud and woke us up yet again. So, all in all we lost a couple hours sleep that night and just felt terrible the next day and really the day after that too. It was just not a good week for sleep until like last night.

I did get the package. It was like Christmas before Halloween. Such a great package. Elder Bush took one bite of the cookies and said, “Thats a cookie.” The cookies went fast. They were super good. I like the sweaters a lot. They are exactly what I needed.

Here are a couple of pics from Yerington: onions:

and apartment:

And my MTC district: